Cash drawer not working

Technical Support Level III -

In Cronypos Cash drawer is always connected to printer and printer control the cash drawer. As long printer is working cash drawer will work. There are no setting for cash drawer in Cronypos or in any driver. Print the last receipt to see if printer is working, if not the please follow the instruction mention below.



In Printer,

1) Check if power light is On. If NO then check the power cable on both side in printer and in power outlet.

2) Check the power button.

3) Check if paper is low.

4) Check the cable connection between printer and computer.

5) Turn off the power wait 15 second and turn on again.

6) Exit the pos and login again.


If USB printer

1) Go to Devices and Printer and make sure you have only one printer showing in printer and faxes. If you see 2 same devices with (Copy-1) then remove the  (Copy-1) printer.

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