Price Send from CronyBackoffice to Gilbarco Passport

Technical Support Level III -

There are few reason you not be able to send the price from Backoffice to Gilbarco Passport.


1) Cronyserver is not Working. Follow instruction 1.

2) Information is missing in ITEMS. Follow instruction 2.

3) No connection between BackOffice and Gilbarco Passport. Follow instruction 3.



Instruction 1:

1) If "Cropnyserver" is running then you will see "LOG:      Last Process Check:  01/01/2000 06:00:01 AM" on top of your Cronyserver screen.

2) if you see only " LOG: " and no date and time then close the Cronyserver application and run again.


Instruction 2:

1) Scan the item in "BackOffice" and make sure there are no missing information. (Name, Retail Price, Department, Tax and check mark on Active item.)




Instruction 3:

1) Take the mouse cursor to your internet  logo"  " or "  ". If you see 2 Network   then you connection is good. If not then please check your cables.

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