Printer is not responding

Technical Support Level III -

Please follow the instruction:



For Serial and USB Printer

1) Check if power light is off. If yes then check the power cable or check the on off button in front.

2) Check if paper is low or paper light or Error light is on. If yes the turn off the printer and turn back on or replace the paper.

3) Press the Feed button to see printer is working if not then turn off the printer and turn back on.

4) Check the cable connection between printer and computer.

5) Turn off the power wait 15 second and turn on again.

6) Exit the pos and login again. Make sure only one Cronypos is running.

7) Check if BackOffice is running in the same computer. If yes then close the BackOffice and try the printer.


For USB printer Only

1) Go to Devices and Printer and make sure you have only one printer showing in printer and faxes. If you see 2 same devices with (Copy-1) then remove the  (Copy-1) printer.

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