Credit Card not working Error:: message

Technical Support Level III -

Clover Not Connected: (Red Screen)

If you see the USB not Connected on your clover then please do the test transaction in your POS and Click Card. If you still see USB not Connected sign then please check the USB connection in Clover and in POS. If you see Sales, Refund and Transaction on your Clover Device then please find and click USB Pay Display on your clover device.

1) If you see your store name on clover then Login in to your Clover device.
2) Click USB Pay Display (do the test transaction)
1) If you see Black Screen in your clover then unplug the power from Clover for 10 second then plug back in and do the test transaction

Clover Transaction Decline:

1) Check your internet connection by login in to your clover device.
2) Click Setting
3) Click WiFi or Ethernet (Which every connection you are using)
4) Check if you are getting the IP addresses (If not then Please check you internet connection)
5) Click USB Pay Display on Clover to connect with CronyPOS.

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