Technical Support Level III -

if System is ask for Activation number then please check the following things:

1) Internet connection in Backoffice and POS computer. (Please see Option 2)

2) IP address still same (please check Option 3)

3) Sql server is still running. (please check Option 1)


Option 1

1)     Make sure SQL database engine is on. to make sure SQL database engine is on please follow the instruction

            a)      go to "services" and search for "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)"

            b)      make sure status is "started". if status in blank then Right Click on "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)" and press "START".


if status is STARTED then follow this instruction.

1) press Ctrl+Atl+Del button and press "start Task Manager."

2) End Task all the Cronypos, Cronyserver and BackOffice.

3) Run the Cronypos, Cronyserver or BackOffice again. If you see the message again for activation code then please contact us at and click on Live Chat .


Option 2 

If you having problem with POS2 then please check following things:


1) make sure all your Cronypos device has the internet connection.

2) make sure all your Cronypos devices are connected in same Network.


Option 3

1) Go to "C:\cronysoft

2) double click on "PJRCONNECTION"

3) Server Name = Backoffice(main computer) ip address or computer name.

4) initial Catalog = cronydatasql

5) Register id = 2 or which every was it before.

6) Click "Verify and Close"

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